The Region

  The City Edipsos lies along the northwestern part of Evia, in the foothills of the lush conditions Telethrion, overlooking the bay Yialtra. Combining mountain and sea Edipsos and surrounding picturesque villages creating a synthesis of unparalleled beauty.
  Edipsos also had another peculiarity, is endowed by nature to provide through the healing waters, health and rejuvenation. There are more than 80 springs, which are effective in treating diseases of the joints and several gynecological diseases.

Each summer in Evia, take place many sporting and cultural activities. Also, during the Summer Festival Edipsos dance performances presented by Greek and foreign dancing groups and performances by philharmonic orchestras and choirs.

  What makes the island of Evia special is the unique combination of blue, the beautiful Greek island Sea and the green of a lush mountain flora. So ,it is distinguished by the light of a specific showing favouritism from the nature.

   Within this natural treasure, it is included the enchanting area of Edipsos known throughout the world for the benefit of the valuable subsoil and gifts that the earth offers her womb.

  Edipsos can attract even the most discerning guests and lead them to uncover the wonderful secrets hidden in the area.

It is a welcoming area rich in life, with vivid colors and aromas that gives anyone who visits it, serenity and mental clarity.

  Some of the most beautiful places in the municipality is Edipsos village Polylofos -500 meters altitude on the mountain Telethrion that enchants visitors with its rich flora and panoramic views of the beach of Agios Nikolaos with excellent tourist infrastructure and green arrondissement. Saint- Barbara with its countless olive groves and orchards, the famed Agiokambos linking Evia to the north and central Greece, impressive Gialtra the mill and Mpania(baths) have a long history of thousands of years, and it is ideal for a quiet and peaceful holiday.